Saturday, October 16, 2010

Conference Call

Next Saturday, I'll be attending the WriteAngles Conference at Mount Holyoke College.


Though I found out about the conference and registered last minute, I'm pretty excited about it. Andre Dubus III is one of the keynote speakers and some terrific agents will be there as well. I've submitted my first page to an agent panel (sort of like a kinder gentler version of Grub Street's Agent Idol") so I'm also experiencing a slight anticipatory nervousness. How else could it be, really?

I'm not much of a a Writer's Conference veteran yet, but I have been to Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace and long ago attended the Stonecoast Writer's Conference, which is much more workshop focused.

I have to say there is nothing finer than networking with a bunch of writers! We tend to be quirky, kind people, starving to talk of our secret literary passion. Many people hope to write a book someday, but the writers at conferences have taken more than a few steps in that direction and can identify with the immense, giddy joy (and also the profound misery) of the enterprise. Also, I don't really get out much.

How do you feel about conferences?
Anyone else planning to attend WriteAngles?


Ariel Swan said...

I'm so glad you're going. I had planned on going since August - but then October just became too full. Next weekend will be my first weekend off all month. I'm a little disappointed though now.

N. Blank said...

I've always wanted to go to a writer's conference but I always find out about them last minute and then I can't go! Hope you have a great time at yours! Post stuff about it. I'd love to know how they're run :-)

Perri said...

Thanks so much Ariel and N. I'll definitely post about the experience.

maryw said...

Can't wait to hear.