Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Did Something Today!

I mean really did something.

I sent out my first full and two queries. The process was a long one; I revised the full manuscript then agonized about my overwritten beginning until my eyes bled. Then I scooted down to the ending, returned to the beginning (more bleeding eyes) and finally, once all perspective had been lost, I took a deep breath, wrote an official-looking "the End" and sent the darn thing out.

All in all I cut about 6,000 words. Family, Genius, Species is now a svelte 86,010 words. Woohoo!... or Whew! anyway.

I plan to send snail mail copies to the other two agents who were near-misses the last time around.

I have hurried up. I am waiting.

They say the best thing to do during this tension-filled wait-and-see-and-send phase is to start on the next thing ("They" being sensible non-emotive people, highly competent people) and yes, I have been thinking through some new ideas...

But really, what else can I think of now that the gibbon is out in the world?

Here's my infant tally:

Queries sent-- 3
Fulls requested-- 1 (This from the conference I attended)
Rejections-- 0 (Well, the search is a few hours old)


maryw said...

Yay, Perri! This is so exciting! Keep us posted.

Ariel Swan said...

Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

N. Blank said...

Congrats! Query sending can be hell but you learn so much from it! Hope you get some requests :-)

ed burke said...

Alright, Perri - you're my hero! Good luck!

ed burke said...

Alright Perri - you're my hero! Good luck!

Alicia Gregoire said...

Awesome!!! *fingers crossed*

Perri said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support. :)