Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tomorrow is the 99th Page Blog Hop!

Are you hopping yet? I just looked over my 99th page and I have no idea if it makes sense going in cold. There are 98 pages ahead of it, so perhaps this is okay....?

Anyway, still polishing over here.

If you want to join the hop, there's still time.

Check out this info from the lovely folks over at Slice of the Blog Pie:

Sorry for the horrible graphic. Please send a better one.
That's right, tomorrow I'm co-hosting a blogfest with Erinn, Holly, Pam, and Quita. You can read the initial post here. If you didn't bother to click, the gist is to post page 99 of one of your writing projects and then visit everyone else who signed up. (As of 8.30 AM Thursday, we have 19 people*.)

Several people have asked what the rules are for tomorrow's blogfest. When visiting everyone else's page, you should focus and answer the following three questions:

1. Would you turn to page 100?
2. Why or why not?
3. Based on what you read, how likely would you buy the book?

So simple. So fun.

Please remember, when critting to be polite. Don't write anything you wouldn't say to the person's face. You know us writer types are a sensitive bunch.

See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Alicia Gregoire said...

Thanks for advertising this, Perri! I still haven't decided which project I'm going to use. I should get to that.