Thursday, April 14, 2011

Contest Ends Tomorrow!

The blogosphere moves so quickly, doesn't it? 101 seems soooo long ago. (Welcome followers 102-128, I feel so blessed when I look at all those little boxes.)

Here's a quick reminder the 101 is Wonderful Contest ends tomorrow.

So if you want to win a a 101 page critique, some free music, or even some cool Icelandic yarn, head down to the contest post and add your first 101 words to the comments section.

Winners will be determined by random number generator (Nobody's judging here...)

I'll be back over the weekend to announce the winners!

1 comment:

magpiewrites said...

Oh I hope the magic number picker picks me! Though I have had fun reading everyone's 101 words.

BTW, I gave you the prestigious Versatile Blog Award. You can see it here:, if you are into awards and such. If not, that's totally cool. Consider it a virtual high five.