Saturday, May 28, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet (and whiny)

My thanks go out to Elizabeth, for this sweet award.

She could somehow tell I had a lot to deal with these days and though I might appreciate it (which I do). Although I did my best to avoid "the whiny," I guess it leached out anyway. So maybe I'll just go with it and let my seven things tilt in this direction.

Here they are:

1) Having lost all perspective on my manuscripts, I seem to be stuck in a stage of constant revisions. Perhaps this is because I am stalling (and stalling and stalling) before plunging into the disheartening query pool or perhaps its because my manuscript is just not quite good enough (yet) Sigh.....

2) I have a farm-- sheep, chickens, turkeys.-- and lately this feels like more responsibility than I can muster... especially when the sheep are sick (with mastitis and the chickens are being picked off by foxes.)

3) My kids are heavily into baseball these days-- we have "little league" baseball games three times a week. Which is a lot of fun, but also very much a time-sink.

4) My kids take hip hop dance lessons out here in rural New England which is pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself). Their big recital is coming up in a few weeks.

5) I have a bunch of exciting new novel ideas just simmering away in the back of my mind but can't seem to get to them because of all these revisions and query attempts (see fact #1)

6) There are 7 orphaned chicks in a brooder on my porch (see fact #2) and because I brought them into work for a few weeks and my students became attached to them, I worry about them a lot more than I ought to.

7) I really will get back to a somewhat regular blogging schedule soon-- promise.

I'd like to send this award out to...

Krista V at Mother. Write. (Repeat.) which is a fabulous blog. I especially love all the agent interviews

Macy at The Unrepentant Escapist, another super helpful blog

Stephanie Thornton who has an admirable interest and WIP set in ancient Egypt

Robert at 101 Books who is reading and blogging about all 100 of Time Magazine's "Greatest English-Speaking Novels"

Sierra Godfrey whose blog is both informative and terrifically stylish

And Lea at Wanton Redhead Writing, which is a lot of fun.

Check them out!


Wanton Redhead Writing said...

Geez! Big grin splitting my cheeks right now and from the looks of this cake I'll have a toothache!

Thanks ever so much for thinking of me. And making me blog today, I've been stalling...

Sierra Godfrey said...

Well, thanks Perri! This is really cool. I look forward to checking out the other awardees. And I hear you on the stalling of the WIP! That's exactly where I am too.

Macy Beckett said...

Awww! Thank you, Perri! I'm so flattered. ::jumping up and down and clapping::

Stephanie Thornton said...

Thanks for such a sweet award! I'm sorry you're stuck in revision-land, but I'm sure it's just a temporary stop. Good luck!

Krista V. said...

Perri, sorry I'm a few days late, but thank you so much for the award! I think it's great that your kids are in hip hop lessons. I mean, how many hip-hopping farmers are there? :)

maryw said...

Excellent whining, Perri. You excel at complaining, along with so much else.